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What is Health?

Health is a state of an individual where He / She live their life in a social environment without any physical and mental illness, disease, stress, conflate, trauma. It’s a state where a person is living their life full of joy and happiness and he is physically, mentally, socially fit or strong for getting and collecting their daily needs and happy for their life and satisfy with the natural environment and their body. In human life where mind and bodywork together without any illness, pain, disease, injury is must be known as health.

Health doesn’t refer to your body type. How you look like, What is your height, What is your weight, What is your colour, What kind of person you are.

Health represents your Mental state, Physical state, Social state, Intellectual state, strength, immunity, Your hardship toward work and things. How to do your daily work.

There are some Quotes given by such people as they say:

“Sickness is the first warning that we have made a wrong judgment. A healthy person is never unhappy.”- George Ohsawa

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, a trusted friend is best relative Nibbana is the greatest bliss.”- Gautama Buddha

“Healthy doesn’t mean ‘Healthful’. Healthy is a condition, healthful is a property. Vegetables aren’t healthy they’re dead. No food is healthy. Unless you have an eggplant that’s doing push-ups. Push-ups are healthful.”- George Carlin

If one aspect of health is weak then it affects the lifestyle or health of the person. every place of health has its own role and importance in in-person life.

Health is a healthy state and mixture of all aspects like physical, mental, social, emotional, family and environment.

Every parameter is shown its sides.

  1. Physical Health-:
    • Healthy posture.
    • Healthy body.
    • Personality.
    • How person present herself.
  2. Mental Health-:
    • State of mind.
    • Cognitive, Conative, Intellective states.
    • Critical thinking and Analysis.
    • Problem solving ability.
    • Ideas thoughts.
  3. Emotional Health-:
    • Attitudes.
    • Values.
    • Aptitude.
    • Feelings, emotions.
    • Pain, guilt.
    • Aggression.
    • Etc.
  4. Social Health-:
    • Society has important role.
    • Their culture.
    • Social norms.
    • Religions.
    • Educational.
  5. Family-:
    • Learning.
    • Ideas.
    • Give proper Environment.
    • Adjustment with society and environment.
  6. Positive Environment-:
    • Every aspect needs proper positive environment toward the growth and development of the society.
    • Positive behavior of family.
    • Positive behavior of society.
    • Positive attitude about any problem helps to solve the problems.
  • Factor Affecting Health:-
    • Laziness.
    • Anxiety
    • Stage fear
    • Family environment
    • Introvert attitude or nature
    • Communication problem
    • Aggression
    • Day dreaming
    • Self doubt
    • Mall adjustment
    • Lack of motivation

How to improve them:-

  • Self love.
  • Happiness.
  • Joyful altitude.
  • Healthy environment providing.
  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Group talks.
  • Exercises.
  • Self actualization.
  • Try to become introvert.
  • Involvement of physical activities.
  • Healthy environment with peers.
  • Parents supports.
  • Changing altitude.
  • Learning new thing with time.
  • Changing or developing their interest forward painting, drawing, music, sports, travelling and other things that help to changes their life cycle and that maintain their health.


Throughout the whole analysis or views. I personally think that if I am mentally fit and happy. It shows the impact on my health. I feel good that day. I can say that if a person mentally decides he is happy, good, everything is good in their life. That maintain the balance in my mental health any disease illness, pain, injury can heel if person mentally makes up their mind. It’s nothing it will be alright and it’s just the ups and downs of life. That gives the reason to live sports, music, paintings, exercise, meditation, yoga all are an important role to maintain the health. If a person is mentally and physically fit. Then he is a healthy person or individual. Whatever he can do their whole life till birth to death.

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